District 45 Speech Contest<br>Photo Grace Dunklee CohenMy mission is to help you thrive!
Betsy Black Consulting, LLC, advances the mission and success of individuals and community development organizations in NH and nationally, through:
  • Speaking - Experiential, practical and motivating. 


  • Coaching individuals to make desired change by identifying  and acting upon priorities.


  • Consulting to nonprofit community-based organizations, with an emphasis on Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs).


ChiRunning and Positive Psychology classes

Make It Stick - Develop a winning strategy to sustain exercise in your life.

ChiRunning(R) - Bring joy to running with this painless, injury-free running technique.

Toughen Up: Consciously Increase Your Stress Resilience for Greater Holiday Happiness - Develop joy and gratitude to make the holidays what you want using empirically-tested easy to use techniques.

Happiness is A Muscle - Hands on, research-based and fun, this class covers a number of reliable ways to increase your happiness.